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The Oregon Trail FREE The faster you travel, the quicker these resources deplete.

Play classic game The Oregon Trail for free on your browser

You can see the weather changes, the dangers they encounter, and even the landmarks. The developers not only limited the number of times you could hunt, but also introduced other minigames like fishing, berry picking, wagon repairing, and telegraph sending to provide variety.

All of these provide the player with food, repairs, or money and are well integrated into the gameplay, but I did find telegraph sending to be buggy at times. You can tilt the phone when sifting for gold or navigating a wagon down a river; you can touch berries as they appear during a berry picking minigame, and you can throw a line and catch fish during a fishing segment.

An average game takes several hours to complete, but if you ever need to stop Oregon Trail will automatically save and bring you back to your last landmark next time you start. With a game length of several hours, battery life obviously becomes an issue with the iPhone.

The Oregon Trail for iPhone is Currently Free for a Few Days

Long load times also break up the flow of the game and virtually every minigame and landmark requires loading. When you venture to a fort, the different buildings post office, general store, etc require long loads to enter and exit.

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Gameloft does a lot of things brilliantly in this latest edition of Oregon Trail. Live Update: The Oregon Trail headed to iPhone.

The Oregon Trail Download - TechSpot

Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. Paid Language: English Release date: About The Oregon Trail. More images. The Oregon Trail is a modern remake of a classic educational desktop computer game.

About The Oregon Trail

The player takes control of a wagon train, and leads a group of settlers along the 19th century North American frontier. Along the way, the pioneers have to cope with natural disasters, hunt enough game to maintain a steady supply of food, and deal with random illnesses, accidents, and the like. The remake for the Android platform adds a little more to the classic gameplay.

Aside from improved graphics and a friendlier interface, The Oregon Trail adds 8 mini-games and side missions. Players can also share their final scores through Facebook, and invite friends to take on the challenges of the pioneering lifestyle.

The Oregon Trail: American Settler - iPad 2 - HD Gameplay Trailer

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